Smart hockey puck hits Kickstarter

IoT developer Kevin Sidwar has created a new Smart Puck capable of providing up-to-date details on your favourite teams statistics and scores. The Smart Puck is the only piece of hockey merchandise that automatically tracks your team’s stats. simply connected to your wireless network, and it will automatically update with your team’s latest statistics after every game. Watched the demonstration video below to learn more.

“When you order a Smart Puck you select your favorite NHL team. Before the puck arrives at your doorstep the patent-pending StatFeedr technology that drives your puck is configured so it will start receiving stats as soon as it comes online. All you have to do is plug it in to your computer or USB phone charger and follow the simple online instructions to get it connected to your Wi-Fi. The entire process usually takes less than 5 minutes. Once finished, the StatFeedr™ system will update your puck immediately and then again after every game your team plays.”

The Smart Puck is able to track any of the existing 31 teams in the league and will automatically support expansion teams as they enter the league. Although currently it will only track a single team at a time. After your puck is configured it will automatically update after every game your team plays.