Category: Technology

Samsung has announced a new partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment  for HDR10+ content. The two companies will work together on bringing Universal Pictures content to HDR10+ technology to customers. “We are delighted to team with Samsung Electronics on HDR10+ to deliver this striking, cutting-edge technology to entertainment consumers, providing them opportunity to enjoy unparalleled, […]

IoT developer Kevin Sidwar has created a new Smart Puck capable of providing up-to-date details on your favourite teams statistics and scores. The Smart Puck is the only piece of hockey merchandise that automatically tracks your team’s stats. simply connected to your wireless network, and it will automatically update with your team’s latest statistics after […]

If you buy a USB-equipped gadget today, you’ll get the latest USB 3.1 standard, if you’re lucky – but the technology isn’t standing still. The preliminary specs for the USB4 standard have just been announced, promising a doubling of potential speeds and a range of new capabilities. Technically, we’re now up to USB 3.2 – […]

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, is launching a new set-top box to access its cloud gaming service — the Shadow Ghost. I’ve been playing with the device for a couple of weeks and here’s my review. The Shadow Ghost is a tiny little box that doesn’t do much. The true magic happens in a […]

Roku  this morning announced its devices will now be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Through a new Roku skill for Alexa, Roku owners will be able to control their devices in order to do things like launch a channel, play or pause a show, search for entertainment options and more. Roku TV owners will additionally be able […]

Sonos is launching the most minor of minor updates. The company is launching a revision to its flagship speaker, the Sonos  One. Sonos is calling this new speaker the Sonos One Gen 2, and it is nearly identical to the existing Sonos One. When it comes to sound and design, the second generation looks just like the first […]